Kazuko Miyamoto, Male I, 1974 String and nails, approx 158.5 x 158.5 x 61cm


Lydia Okumura, Untitled I, 1980. Installation view at BROADWAY 1602, New York. Acrylic paint and cotton string, 72 x 93 cm, Dimensions variable 72 x 96 cm, Dimensions variable.


Kazuko Miyamoto, Untitled, 1971. Nails of increasing length and rubber cord on grey painted wooden frame, 86 x 72 x 6.4 cm


Lydia Okumura Untitled, 1976 Acrylic and pencil on paper, 76 x 56 cm

Private View: Minimalist Anyway

2 May 2017

White Rainbow Gallery

White Rainbow is pleased to announce Minimalist Anyway, a dialogue exhibition of two female artists of Japanese origin – Kazuko Miyamoto (b.1942, Tokyo) and Lydia Okumura (b. 1948, Brazil).

Minimalist Anyway brings together historical work from each artist’s time in New York in the 1970s, through to the mid 1980s. This exhibition takes as its point of departure Miyamoto’s off-hand observation that: ‘being Japanese you are minimalist anyway’. The exhibition reflects on how, set against a backdrop of Post-Minimalism and growing feminist and political movements in New York in the early 1970s, Okumura and Miyamoto were making work that constituted an ironic riff on Minimalism’s serialised, masculine and industrial character.

Minimalist Anyway will run from 3 May until 10 June 2017 with a private view on Tuesday 2 May from 6-8pm. All are welcome to attend.

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